Web Snapper

I just discovered Web Snapper after a day of laboriously capturing website screenshots and sticking them in a PDF for printing, and wanted to share the love. It’s a pretty handy tool if you need to capture web pages exactly as they are in your browser (you can even capture Flash and DHTML elements in process if you use the Safari plugin). Since I’m a web designer/developer, I tend to do this a lot.

Definitely recommended. I’m not sure why I’d never heard of it before I saw an update in the MacUpdate RSS feed yesterday.

I’m using a similar app called DropImageURL by Limit Point Software.

WebSnapper has a better IU, but DropImageURL does exactly the same and is part of a donationware pack by Limit Point Software that has lots* of other cool little apps (donation asked between 10 and 25 US$).

You can check it in http://www.limit-point.com/Utilities.html

(*) More than 25 apps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for linking to that; I’d never discovered Limit Point before. They certainly have a lot of one-task software.