Weblink Template for ISBN Links to Online Stores

If you’ve using a website to promote your books, you might find the HTML code below handy. Each HTML link in the list uses a book’s ISBN to locate that book at various retailers, multi-vendor book search sites, and WorldCat for libraries. The placeholder for that link is “XZZX” so search-and-replace that with your book’s 13-digit ISBN and you should be fine. Just be sure to remove hyphens and spaces from that ISBN.

Keep in mind that coming up with the proper way to tell each website to search by ISBN took some doing. I can’t guarantee that all these links will work in the future and one (that for Biblio) seems to come and go.

But this code or some tweak of it should allow you to link website visitors directly to where they can buy your book. That should mean more sales.


Amazon:  U.S.A.   Canada   France   Germany   Japan   UK  

Other Sources: Barnes and Noble   Books a Million   Google Search   Libraries/WorldCat
The Book Depository offers free shipping from the UK to over 100 countries worldwide.
For the best deals on new and used copies visit:   AbeBooks.com  Alibris.com   Biblio.com   BookFinder.com.

I wasn’t able to get this forum to display how all that code looks. But here’s that first, Amazon-US link to show that it does take visitors to where they can buy the book.


Just be advised that Amazon assigns its own ASIN to Kindle ebooks, so even if that ebook has an ISBN, the search result may draw a blank. You can do what I do, which is link to the printed version and let visitors find the printed version from there.

If you don’t have a printed edition, the code below, which searches for the ASIN in the subject field does get to the Kindle version of my book. Substitute that number starting with B000 with your ebook’s ASIN and it should link properly to your Kindle edition.


Keep in mind that there are no guarantees this code will continue to work. Amazon and the other sites don’t publish their direct-to-page code. I had to trick it out of them using their search engines and test to see what I could strip out.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to figure out how to link to Apple’s iBookstore edition of an ebook. You can get to a webpage about apps they sell, so I assume there’s also a webpage for each ebook. If someone knows what the link looks like, feel free to post it here.

There’s often a way to make some of these websites display search results based on a book’s name, but that’s likely to show other books with similar titles. This should take visitors to your book and your book only. That’s better.

Feel free to add your own suggestions or repost that code spiffied up to look better or with additions such as other retailer links.

–Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books, Auburn, AL

Here’s another paste-into-your-website link that’ll go to IndieBound, a website that helps readers locate independent bookstores nearby. To make the link work for your book, put the book’s ISBN in place of the XZZX.

Independent Bookstores:  U.S.A.

Here’s an example to show how it works. Enter a zip code to get bookstores in your area.


The one failing is that will take you to the website of a local bookstore, but you’ll have to call them to find out if the book is in stock or when they can get it. Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as buying online.