Webpage fails to load

When I try to import a webpage to the research section (or any other section for that matter) it fails. Error message: failed to load web archive. Why is that? It has been like this for a while, also before I updated to current version 3.0.3. Doesn’t this function work anymore or is it a bug that needs to be fixed? I find this function so helpful, is there any other way I can come around this?

I’ve also had this problem in Places when trying to link to a Google map. The most basic background appears but the page doesn’t load. (Just three dots…). Thanks for any insight!

The current version of Mac Scrivener is 3.1.5.

What’s the webpage? Generally speaking, pages with a lot of scripts – which is most of them, these days – do not archive particularly well. In particular, you’re likely to have problems with dynamic pages that update to show you the latest version (like a data map) or pages that require a login.


Some web pages can’t be archived. Google maps is probably one of them. For that, if you can get a link to the page, you can create a bookmark (either a project bookmark, or a document bookmark for one entry in the binder), that will usually display the web page in the inspector pretty well. There are limits, as Scrivener doesn’t contain a full web browser within itself.

The other option I’ve done to deal with web pages that don’t load well as an archive is to use the reader view in Safari, if it’s available, and produce a PDF from that and import it to Scrivener. The advantage I’ve found is that it standardizes the font size, gets rid of a lot of advertisements, and downloads all images to the PDF so it works offline. Many web pages dynamically load some content (usually advertisements), even when they’re in webarchive format. Over time, my webarchives in older Scrivener projects have become less and less readable as a result.

As for your question about bugginess, is this a problem for all webpages? Does it happen when you try to import a wikipedia page (which usually work pretty well)?

I’ll update to the current version, this have passed me by.

Most of the webpages I try to import are research articles from academic journals, I’ve also tried wikipedia and my own simple webpage.

Thank you, this was very helpful! I will try both of them.
The same happens when I try to import a wikipedia page as well

Happy to say that after I updated to the current version (which I thought I had), uploading webpages works perfectly :smiley: Thanks for the input!