Website Content

I’m composing website content for a friend’s business. Is is possible to compile and publish directly to the website from Scrivener?

If not, then this is definitely a wish list item.

It won’t do exactly what you want at this point, but it can come close.

If you write in Markdown or Multimarkdown then you can compose all your web content that way. Then you have 2 options, but both involve using Marked 2 (go to website, don’t buy the App store version 1). Marked two previews markdown/MMD content, but it also converts to HTML. With Marked (about $12) you can:

  1. compile to Multimarkdown, drag file onto Marked, copy HTML, paste in your website software app.
  2. drag Scrivener file onto Marked and the whole Scrivener file will get auto-converted to Markdown, with handy “copy to HTML” command. This is only a good option in a few cases: typically you’ll have different folders in Scrivener for different pages/sections of the website.

Hope this helps.

You can preview specific parts of a file with compile and Marked 2.