Website Copy and Paste from Scrivener

This has always been true for Scrivener, but it would be nice to see it changed in a future release. Anytime I want to copy text and keep the italics formatting, I must Ctrl-c to copy, paste to Microsoft Word, Control-c to copy, and then paste to Wordpress. If I go direct from Scrivener to Wordpress, the italics formatting is lost.

This is probably a Wordpress issue, since the thing Scrivener is supplying would be the same in either instance.

Scrivener’s native format is RTF, so RTF is what is on the clipboard after you copy. Word knows how to convert RTF to its own format. Apparently Wordpress does not.

Can Wordpress handle Markdown? If so, you could use markup to indicate formatting, and copy and paste that.


Frank, would you double check please; I’m guessing italics are retained on a direct paste to Wordpress, and boldface formatting is lost. If so, explanation here.

Rgds - Jerome