Website/Forum for Research

Hi, sorry this is not a program question, but I’ve exhausted other options and am desperate. I cannot find this amazing website and am hoping a writer here is familiar.

There’s a website/forum (not reddit) where you can ask other writers–or maybe it was anybody–about basically anything that had to do with researching a project. Like, if I couldn’t find out, say, what kind of spoons British royalty used in the 1500s (and I’d googled away without luck), I’d first search the forum in question, and then simply ask in a post (where’d I’d include info on the types of search threads I’d already plugged into a browser). It was uncanny what kinds of questions you could get answers to (or if not an answer, tips on where/how to continue the search).

If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please share. And sorry again that it’s not a Scrivener topic, but I’m sure everyone here would love to use this resource.

Thank you.

This will probably get this thread tossed somewhere.

Using the search tool “DuckDuckGo” and the search term “what kind of spoons British royalty used in the 1500s” I came up with an interesting article in Snopes at "" Didn’t learn much about spoons but the article kept me reading.

I’ve posted this link before (and copped scorn) but it’s an interesting place just to read (like the seating details of the at the Mariinsky Theatre).

I’m not suggesting that this site will provide “The Answer”, but if nothing else, someone will probably be able to suggest help with your Google-Fu.