Website in Research area - getting back to original website

I just searched to see if this has been covered, but didn’t find anything, so if it’s in here somewhere, my apologies.

I have a couple websites dragged into the Research section. When I bring up those pages, the website shows up nice and pretty in the regular window, and at the bottom it lists the URL of the original website, all nice and blue and underlined as though you could click it and it would take you back to the original website.

However, when I click these “URLs,” it does open up a browser window, but it takes me to … Literature and Latte.

Now, not that I don’t enjoy a chance to peruse the Literature and Latte site, but I keep wanting to go back to the original site that I put into Research, and I haven’t found a way to do this. I can’t even copy and paste the “URL” from the bottom of the page, because it won’t highlight.

Am I missing something obvious? Probably…!


Nope, you’re missing nothing - this is a known bug in 1.53, which will be fixed in the next (already long overdue) free update.
All the best,

Hurrah! Thanks!