Website really confusing.

I am missing the trees for the forest, or maybe the other way around. I get a notice that version 3 is available. Wonderful news and I immediately go to download it. And there it is. Scrivener 3 is available for MacOS. Download now. Click. Oops, that gives me Version 2.dmg.

Backup. “Learn more about S3” gives no download button but clicking on product page does. Again, I get version 2.

At the top of the main page is a download tab that brings up another download. Still version 2.

Back to reading. Maybe I didn’t understand that V3 will become available, not that it is ready now. Nope, I was right the first time - it is ready for download.

How about the Buy Now tab? Again version 2. Now I have at least three backups of the software of V2 that might be handy if the current one gets corrupted, but none that get me upgraded.

If I were in SF or around the Infinite Circle and with a zigigabit link, I would just click on every button on the page. But here on the end of Barbed Wire and Electric company ISP, it takes about ten minutes to download a hundred meg.

Back to the page. Download a free trial. Nope. Download an older version can’t possibly be the link. Maybe google Download Scrivener 3. Un-uh.

The amusing part is that I finally did download the S-3.dmg, but I don’t know how and I still can’t go back and find the link.

Maybe a big red button on the front page. DOWNLOAD SCRIVENER 3.

I found your message confusing as well.

Click the big button on the front page that says Download Free Trial. Then click the big red button that says Download under the Mac OS logo. Doesn’t that give you a Scrivener 3 DMG file?


I’d try clearing your browser cache and old downloads before re-downloading–it sounds like maybe you’re just continually getting an old cached copy, since the version 2 download link is buried in the Legacy file page and not so easy to get to as the current version 3 download.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to download 3.0 from here.

Nope. Still get version 2. Flushed the cache (actually, I installed HighSierra over a formatted drive. Can’t get much more flushed than that.) My Isp has to be sending me to a DNS server that is hitting some old cache somewhere - or something like that. Tomorrow I will try it at a coffee shop, or the college, just to eliminate my home connection.

Still, it is not a problem since I managed to download version 3 one time (somehow). It is safely on a USB drive now. Just curious about what is happening.

My problem now is that if I try to purchase it, using either the website or app, I get a redirect error going to esellerate. Occasionally it will make it to the next page, but dies there with the same error. Even more occasionally, I get an immediate Server 500 error at esellerate.

Will try that purchase tomorrow at another location, also.

Other than that, Version 3 is working great. 29 days and counting.