Webview/Browser improvement

The #1 feature request I have is to have a good browser in Scrivener.

This key feature does not work as advertised.

The browser does work as advertised, in that it does not exist. If you view a web page from Scrivener, you’re using a browser that already exists on your device.

Scrivener has a very capable built-in browser, in Windows at least, used to view documents of type WebArchive and web links in Bookmarks via Open in Current Editor. Mikay², how does it not work as advertised?

A limited preview is all I see (in the Inspector). Clicking into it brings up the default browser. Even hovering over a link in the preview, without clicking. brings up Chrome.

Same in the current editor. You can stare at it, you can scroll, but you cannot browse without bringing up the default browser.

And we can click on links in the built-in browser and view them within the pane. The browser gives us access to our research while we work in our editor/project binder. It’s no substitute for our primary browser, but Mikay² argued that it doesn’t work as advertised, while you earlier proposed that it doesn’t exist at all.

These were the arguments with which I took issue.


No, you cannot (or at least, I cannot) click on links in the built-in browser and view them within the pane. Hence it isn’t much of a browser.

I would expect that I can just embed any web page. Like a google maps location, a youtube video, writing prompts generators (e.g., https://thejohnfox.com/2016/05/story-idea-generator/), etc.,

I mean the stuff the web consists of today.

I admit that most websites render way better than the ones I tried in my first attempts. I must have been unlucky with my first web pages and got some pretty ugly rendered websites (e.g., text without structure and only white background, empty colored areas with text that can only be seen when scrolling down,…). The ones I tried now turned out pretty OK but I am also on a different computer with a larger screen now.

Even cooler would be to have access to services that I use together with Scrivener like OneNote or Google Notes, etc.

Ah, now I see the issue. Try setting:
File > Options > Behaviors > Navigation > Allow limited navigation in web pages

Rgds - Jerome

I can confirm my Windows 10, Scrivener 3 with the correct settings applied will, indeed, provide quite reasonable browsing and navigation of saved web page within the ‘inbuilt’ browser without opening an external browser.