Weird, annoying justification problem - SOLVED! HERE'S HOW.

So I’m editing a book and I need a new scene so yeah…I create a new text but the alignment is all wrong compared to all of the other scenes/text pages.

The margins are all up the spout and if I use tab it puts the cursor waaaay over towards the centre of the page.

It’s REALLY annoying. I’ve had this problem before and sometimes, the Convert Formatting to Default Text Style doesn’t work. Sometimes it does.

Today it’s not working. I wish it would, I really REALLY REALLY wish it would.

What am I doing wrong here?

AAAAAND THE ANSWER IS…(drum roll and fanfare please)…

Do not scream.
Do not go out and buy ciggies if you’ve stopped smoking.
Switch on the RULER.
Adjust the little tab indicator thingies as necessary.
Insert cursor in text and fiddle as necessary.
Bob’s your uncle. All sorted.

I’m not the boss of you, but tabs are not for indenting paragraphs, not since word processors got sophisticated enough to do that work for you, and certainly not since HTML (which is the basis of ebook formats) was created. Especially since HTML doesn’t know what to do with tab characters.

The fact that converting to default formatting didn’t fix it sounds like a bug though, since it should have presented an option that affects paragraph indents and tab stops. Did something happen to change the default settings, maybe?