Weird behavior of file names

Is anyone else having trouble with the behavior of names of text files in Scriv? The last couple of days, I’ve found, names of new texts are correct in the Binder but, when I look at the left top of the text screen for the name (next to the little icon), it does not match. Instead it is a bunch of meaningless characters, so for ex. what is called first notes'' in the Binder bears the name X__’’ in the text field. And these weird names are also what I see if I look at the texts as note cards on the corkboard.

Is this some peculiarity of this file and/or my system? Or are other people seeing this? Didn’t happen until I upgraded to Snow Leopard the other day. And it seems to affect only texts created since then.



Apologies, KB addressed this issue a couple of weeks ago. Here:

I didn’t find it when checking to see if my issue was already covered.

I too solved it by changing the font for Index Cards in Preferences.

Thanks, Kevin, as always.


Hi David,

There’s a better solution here:

It’s a problem with Snow Leopard messing up Courier, so if you fix it using Tarkine’s instructions, there’s no need to fix the font.

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P.S. Who’s Kevin? Why do people keep thanking my brother? :slight_smile:

Do folks typically like your brother better than you KB?

Wait, has anyone SEEN this Kevin? Could he just be another DMJ? Could this be KB slowing revealing the he is, in fact, non other than vic-k (he of many altered personalities)? Oh the horror!!

Many thanks to Keith! I too believe Kevin is a myth!

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