Weird behavior with first letter in line

I just ran into some weird behavior. I’m not sure how to reproduce it.

I’m working on a document with many short text files. Currently in my draft I have about 150 files, most of them empty. When I started writing into one of those text file, the first letter (for most letters) did not show up. This repeated for every new paragraph. When I retyped the letter, it showed up, but the spellchecker caught that as an error. Copy/paste into a new text file copied the problem as well, but copy/paste into the ‘document notes’ area, for example, only copied what was actually on the screen.

I finally gave up, closed the file and opened it again, which solved the problem for new text, but did not solve the problem in the text file I had been working on, or when copy/paste into a new file. I had to retype the text into a new file.

Was the document created in Scrivener or imported? If the latter, it’s possible that the first-line indent was set somewhere in the left marign, i.e. at a negative number, and the first characters were being entered outside the visible area of the editor. You could try Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style on the document to fix the ruler to match your Scrivener defaults.

The document was written entirely in Scrivener. But your suggestion solved the problem. Once I converted, the missing letters showed up.

To create the files, I had a list of text and I used ‘split with selection as title’ for each line. This might have created the indent problem you mention, though I can’t recreate it now.