Weird behaviour when opening PDF on iPad

Three times I’ve brought this up without getting any answer or explanation. So, I’ll try once more with illustrations.

  1. I open a PDF in the Files App.
  2. I make some annotation. (fig. 1 shows what the PDF looks like in Files App on my iPad).
  3. I open the annotated PDF in Scrivener iOS (fig. 2 shows what the PDF looks like on the iPad —no annotation!).
  4. I close the Scrivener project on my iPad and sync with Dropbox.
  5. I open the same project in Scrivener Mac (fig. 3 shows how the PDF looks on my Mac).

i.e. the annotation shows up on my Mac, but not on my iPad.

Why? Is there something I can do about it?


I have a similar problem. Changes I make in PDF Expert don’t show up in the PDF that’s in the Scrivener iOS project. However, in my case, after sync they don’t show up on the Mac either!

Of course in Mac Scrivener there is a symbol to click to update the PDF in the project to take on all the changes made by another app. And the iOS version doesn’t have this. I guess it updates automatically? (otherwise you wouldn’t see your changes on the Mac version). But in any event it’s not working for me–marked up PDF doesn’t update in Scrivener at all.