Weird Compiling Problems...

This is a strange problem, but hopefully someone out there can help me…

I’m in the middle of editing my novel (between edit rounds) and compiled a “rewrite” draft into a .pdf file so I could reread it. I figured out how to compile and export well enough, but the problem is that a few of my chapters are out of order. In the “Rewrite” binder (which is what I’m compiling/exporting) everything is in the correct order, but when I hit “compile” and it shows each separate document, a few are in the wrong order and there doesn’t seem to be any way to fix it from there. Which means that in the .pdf file, my novel is in the wrong order – not so helpful for editing.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Have any advice for me?

When you say “Rewrite” binder, do you mean collection? If you are using a collection to compile off of, then it will use the collection order, not the binder order, and you should just make sure the collection has everything in the right order.

Yes, I meant “collections,” but I have everything in order there. MOST of the chapters are in the correct order, there are just a few that aren’t.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Apologies if this is just rehashing what you already did, but just to clarify–when you try to compile your “Rewrite” collection, are you choosing that collection from the drop-down menu at the top of the “content” pane in the Compile options?


If you’re leaving that as draft and sorting to the collection via the filter options below the document list in that menu, then although it will pull out only the documents in the collection, they’ll be ordered according to the binder order rather than the collection order.

Just an idea, since I can see how that might be overlooked if what you’ve been viewing in the binder is the Collection–but you have to choose it specifically in the compile.

Nope, I’ve been selecting “Rewrite” from the drop-down list. It’s not a big deal anymore since I’ve edited quite a bit since I had this problem and now have to recompile the document anyway, but I would like to know how to fix it if it does happen again.

Next time you see it, instead of compiling the collection; leave it on draft, and then use the Filter option at the bottom to use the collection as an inclusion filter. It’s basically the same thing, only it retains hierarchy information and will definitely use binder order.

In case my post above was confusing, I was thinking that the rearrangements might have been made in a collection, not in a folder in the binder, and so the compiler was ordering them based on the true binder order rather than on the desired rearranged collection order. But evidently that wasn’t the problem anyway. :neutral_face: