Weird Extra Chapter Links in TOC

Hey all,

I’ve got a weird one. I’m down to the last little tweaking and when I was checking my TOC, I noticed that the last Chapter link has two of the same exact things. For example…

About the Author
Cowboy Up Excerpt
Cowboy Up Excerpt

Those are the last three in the TOC and as you can see the last two are the same. Obviously, there should only be one Cowboy Up Excerpt link. I checked in both my binder and the compiler contents table and there is only one Cowboy Up Excerpt and it is checked properly. The link works perfectly to both of them!

I have no idea what is causing this double chapter link. I’ve removed the file and added it in a different folder, but it changed nothing. Everything is exactly the same.

I’m almost done with my book, but this is making me crazy! :angry: Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

Double check to make sure the title of the file isn’t duplicated in the Binder. For instance, you could try editing the title, and use the down arrow to make sure it takes only one line.


Hi Kathleen,

I did that. Actually dumped it completely and recompiled without it. No extra link for that chapter. Put it back in from scratch in a different folder even and it still has the double link.

I’m stumped! HELP! :confused:

Ok…more information as I’m playing with this weirdness.

The chapter I’m having trouble with is an excerpt I’m adding to the back of the book. It is five pages long. The first page is a bit about the excerpt, new book coming out, blah, blah, blah. It’s about half the page. There is a note about turning the page to get to excerpt. So I put a page break in where I begin the excerpt itself…the other four pages. Make sense?

As I was playing, I removed the page break and made pages one and two into one. Just to see if I had any phantom formatting in there. Saved and compiled and what do you know? Only one link, correctly set up. BUT, now I have the first page and second page blending together because there is no page break. Put the page break back in, saved and compiled and the double link shows up again. Not only that, the links don’t send you to the first page of the chapter, but to the actual excerpt on the second page. What??? (It may have been doing that before as well and I wasn’t paying attention. I just THOUGHT it was going to the first page.)

This tells my little brain that Scrivener for some reason sees the page break as a second link with the same name. So, my question is…

What do I do now? How do I format it so Scrivener sees it as one continuous chapter even though I have a page break within that chapter? There must be something I’m not aware of in the set up. This is an imported work from Word and the page break was placed there in that processor first.

Thanks in advance,

I’m afraid Scrivener just isn’t that smart. In ebooks, at least, if it sees a page break, you’re going to get a TOC entry.

Within Scrivener, the best workaround would probably be to put the actual excerpt on a different outline level from the introduction, and give it a different title. You’ll still get a TOC entry, but it will be less confusing.

To get rid of the TOC entry altogether, you’d need to edit the ebook file in something like Sigil.


Hmmm… That’s too bad. But at least I’m not going crazy. LOL And I won’t spend any more time trying to do the impossible. :unamused:

It’s an easy work around, so I’ll get it done. Thank you so much!