Weird glitch in character sheet template[ADDRESSED]

Tried creating a new character template, but entering info in the provided fields starts a tab over and then aligns right, so that it starts writing over the title of the field.


Adding: the alignment button selected in this screen shot is center, but changing that doesn’t fix the problem. It just aligns the entire line, title and all.

I don’t think anyone has had much luck with getting the NaNoWriMo Template to work, unfortunately.

Myself, I started my NaNo project from a blank template to start fresh.

I did like the character sheet though, so I copied and pasted the text from it into my own template.

Also, didn’t like having the character sheets and locations inside of the manuscript folder, so moved those under research so it wouldn’t count towards the wordcount goal. Did the same thing with the title sheet. Copied it from the nano template into my own and now have it stashed under the Research folder.

I found the same problem with the setting sketch, but the fix was easy!

Click and hold on the ‘bad’ tab marker and pull it off the ruler - it will vanish - then right click and select ‘add left tab’ where you want to place it on the ruler.

Sorry about this, looks like I might have added the wrong tab type when creating this file. As the above post suggests, just remove the right-align tab and replace it with a left-align tab.

So, I tried to fix this, but the right align tab just keeps coming back whenever I switch to another document. But, getting rid of the second right align tab seems to work. :smiley: Just thought that I would mention it.