Weird indent problem (Maybe solved?)

I’m hoping this shows up here. I’m into about the third page of my document (NaNo version), and this started happening:

“No,” he said. “It’s worse than that. I really don’t know where she is. She has been missing for a month now.”
“What? What do you mean ‘missing’?”
“Missing! She just disappeared about a month after the wedding. Heck, about two weeks after the honeymoon."

Nope, not carrying over here. What I’m seeing on my display is that as the line wraps it indents another 5 units or so (thus 10 units in from the margin). It’s been fine until the last few paragraphs.

Oh boy, is this irritating. It is continuing now, but if I open a different document in the same project, there is no problem.

Just this particular chapter has the settings now with each new paragraph starting at five and each subsequent wrapped line indented to 10–just the opposite of the behavior you want, PLUS with the margin in 5 units.

Ok, it is something to do with my ruler.

I have made the ruler appear, and in those paragraphs that were acting up, the ruler sliders had shifted. I’ve manually adjusted them, and all seems to be okay now. I had not even had the ruler bar ever showing before, so couldn’t have accidentally “bumped” them–but at least that explains the behavior.

You might’ve accidentally hit one of the indent shortcuts, Ctrl+T or Ctrl+Q, which will adjust the first-line indent and the overhang respectively (adding shift will move them back out to the margin). Once you’ve adjusted the ruler settings for a paragraph, subsequent paragraphs will use the same settings, so if you did hit that then you’d continue seeing it until you changed things.

You’re probably right, and I’ll watch for that in the future.