Weird indentation when I copy text driving me mad

Hi Guys,
I am copying in text from different sources but Scrivener is giving weird inconsistent indentations in the text that is driving me mad.
i am using “Paste and match style”
I would just like it to all line up on the left.

See attached screenshot.

I have tried aligning text, making bullets and then making no bullets to see if it will resent it but no joy.

Any suggestions?



First of all it sounds like your default settings need to be changed to remove the indent. Go to Tools > Options > Editor tab. See the top half of this window is where you can change your default font/indent/spacing settings for the Scrivener editor. There is a ruler and there should be a grey triangle at the top of the ruler marking your indent. Slide this triangle to the left if you wish your text to be flush and click ok.

Warning: the next stage can be destructive. You won’t lose any text but you will lose formatting such as bold etc and this will have to be reapplied after conversion. Good idea to make a backup at this point just in case.

Select all documents that need changing in the binder and then select the Documents > Convert formatting to default text style command and select any options you require and press ok.

All new documents you create will now follow the formatting created in options. Using PaMS will follow the default settings you created in options.

Hope that helps.

Hi Alan,

As Stacey said, the problem is that your default formatting which you’re matching with the Paste and Match Style command has a first-line indent that. Unless you only want to remove this on certain pages, in which case you can just show the ruler in the editor (Format > Show Ruler), select all, and drag the first-line indent marker all the way tot he left, adjusting the default in the Options is the best method. That will then apply to all new documents, and you can use the Convert Formatting tool as she explained to change existing ones.

This actually isn’t the case–there was a bug in the beta versions whereby some formatting was lost as described, but that was fixed a while ago. Bold, italic, underline, strike through, text color, and highlight are all properly preserved now. Still not a bad idea to make a backup, but character attributes to the best of my knowledge are all safe these days. In this case it also shouldn’t matter anyhow, since PaMS will have stripped all this from the original already.

My apologies Alan and Jennifer for the error!

No problem; just didn’t want you to be unnecessarily worried! Thanks for responding to Alan so promptly, too! :slight_smile: