Weird Keyboard display bug

I have four keyboards I use. Two are standard (English US and Arabic) and two are self-made (with Ukulele). On one, but only one of the self-made keyboards the icon doesn’t show in Scrivener. It shows in every other app I have tested, including word and pages. Finder yes, browsers yes, everything!

Any ideas? Thank you. (not a big deal, but since this is the keyboard I in fact use the most, it would be nice to get this fixed).


I’m not exactly sure what it is you’re referring to here! What sort of icon would a keyboard typically show “in Scrivener”, or in any software for that matter.

If you use more than one keyboard there is an icon and it says “US” with a US Flag or “Arabic” with an icon. I have icons for the keyboards that work on other programs but one doesn’t work on Scrvener. I’m not around my computer so I can’t send a screen shot. But this has been normal Mac display since the year dot.

Oh! When you said you made your own keyboard, I figured you meant you built your own mechanical keyboard. :slight_smile: I believe you are referring to what Apple calls an “Input Source”, which are set up in System Preferences: Keyboard: Input Sources. Is that where you added your custom layouts? Or is this something entirely done through a third-party tool?

I can’t think of any reason for why the Mac would hide an input source from one program but not another. I’ve never encountered any kind of white-listing or exclusion system, which is why I’m wondering if this managed through another utility? Maybe there are some settings in that to examine.

Sorry not to have replied. Traveling.

But the new update fixed it. They are in library/Keyboard Layouts, and consist of a .keylayout file and a .icns file. I expect the icns file wasn’t being read for some reason. Now it is. All is well.

Thank you for your reply

Interesting, I hadn’t known that layout files could take icons! Well that’s good to know for future reference.