Weird lines in full-screen

I’ve never noticed this before, but …

I tried setting up full screen with a wide page and big margins, to create a seamless background, and suddenly I started seeing strange horizontal lines through some of the lines of type.

It’s a reproduceable bug, because I created a new file, filled it with Greek, and it showed up again. I’ve attached a png picture of it.

Look for lines in the top third, and bottom third, the same colour as the background.

This belongs in the bug forum. This forum is explicitly for “software by other folk” - I pay the most attention to the bug forum and wish list, so it is very easy for me to miss bugs posted elsewhere.

Anyway, this is a known bug which has been reported several times on the forum before. As I understand it, it is actually a bug with the Apple text system. On rare occasions it can be seen in other apps - users have reported seeing it in DevonThink and Nisus, too. It seems to be more common in Scrivener, but it is nothing that Scrivener is doing - all text rendering is Apple code. There is a general redrawing bug on Tiger that may be affecting this, though I’m not sure if it’s fixed on Leopard.


Sorry, that was an accident. I’ll learn.

No problem. :slight_smile: