Weird magnifying glass behavior

I was using Scrivener on my iPad today and did not have my keyboard with me, so I was using the on-screen keyboard.

I was editing a document in my Draft (not in compose mode) and want to place the cursor at a specific location. I touched the screen (I’m in landscape mode so over half the screen is keyboard) and held my finger down to activate the magnifying glass. It came up and I start moving it to bring the cursor to a new location.

As soon as I moved any reasonable distance from the original location, the magnifying glass clouded, remained on the screen, the cursor went away, and the document started rapidly scrolling. I was unable to place the cursor where I wanted to. Every time I tried the above happened. Eventually I just started double-tapping words in the location I wanted and retyped them to get the editing done.

I tested this exact same scenario in the Notes app and it works as I would have expected. The magnifying glass stays clear and the cursor scrolls in the direction I move it. In Notes I was able to precisely place the cursor anywhere I wanted.

The problem does not exist if I am using my physical keyboard.

I’m running the latest version of iOS and the most recent Scrivener app.

If you use two fingers on the built-in keyboard it works as a trackpad, without magnifying glass…

Thank you for that information! That does address my ability to be more precise with the cursor.

The magnifying glass behaviour still feels broken, but this keeps me happily moving along!

I have had similar weird behavior with the magnifying glass in other apps as well, so I guess it is something in the latest updates of iOS.

FYI, if you’re working on a smaller screen/keyboard (in my case, an iPhone 6), scrolling with 2 fingers only works in the text area, not on the keyboard.