Weird permissions problem in Leopard

I’m posting this here because it only seems to affect Scrivener files in Leopard, both the .scriv files themselves and the actual text and rtf files inside. I have two accounts on my machine, my ‘main’ account and my ‘writing’ account. Whenever I get info on a scriv file or package and get info on it, when I press the + button to add a new user (my writing account) I get the spinning beachball for a while and then Finder crashes. I’ve tried heaps of other document types (including normal rtf and text files) and every other document type seems to work.

Its not a huge deal because I can just chown and chmod using the terminal, but thought you might like to be aware of it.

Looks like this might be an Apple bug. Have you tried it on any bundle file types? It seems to work on ordinary files for me, but I tried a few different bundles, and they all crash when pressing ‘+’, not just Scrivener’s bundles.

Seems strange that a bug that obvious would remain unfixed in a release. Anyone else able to duplicate?

I hadn’t when I made my original post, but just tried it on a .mori bundle and got the same crash. Looks like it could be an apple bug after all, hopefully to be fixed in 10.5.1.