Weird problem with highlights

I renamed the highlight colors in the format/font menu/Scrivener to emotion, dialogue, etc., and the colors appear as I want them.

However when I go to use highlights, everything appears as I set it up, but there is a color HONEYDEW which I wish to remove. When I go into the format/font menu/Scrivener, HONEYDEW is not appearing there.

Any clue how to remove this? (It’s just an aesthetic thing, but it bugs me.)

Check out the documentation in §18.4.1 (pg. 256). There are a few illustrations that should show you where to find the “Honeydew” melon, and how to either give it a more descriptive name or remove it entirely. Actually, it might not describe how to remove it (managing the OS X colour palette is assumed knowledge since it is not specific to Scrivener), so if you’ve never removed a custom colour swatch from the favourites bar before, just drag and drop one of the white squares onto the custom swatch square.

Amber, the honeydew only appears when I click Format, then Highlight.

When I go to Format, Font, Show Colors, it isn’t there–just the ones that I modified. Down in the custom swatch squares, there are two I added (but they’re not honeydew.)

The Format/Highlight menu uses the custom colour swatches though, and if it doesn’t have a name for them, it will use OS X’s automatic colour generation system (of which ‘Honeydew’ is one of its possible results). I have, for example, some 30 or so custom colour entries in my highlights menu, and all of them use generic names like that.

I’ve completely messed it up…

Can it reset it back to where it says “Yellow Marker” & start over?