Weird rectangular green box showing up in my pane

Greetings - can anyone explain this … this “thing” ? A rectangle has appeared in one of my panes, filling from left to right with green, and a % to the right which counts rapidly from 1 to 100, over and over; in fact, it keeps going until I close Scriv. See pic below:

In this pic, it is saying “2 %” but it is then filling to the right in green and counting all the way to 100 %. It does not stop doing this until I exit out.

Is this a bug or a feature?


It’s a bug, but non-destructive. Which is to say, the progress bar in the top right of the editor, which is what you’re seeing, usually runs very quickly and you’ll only notice it on lengthy documents when you first load them (maybe less lengthy if your computer’s running slower). But sometimes Scrivener has a problem loading the entire document in the editor, so the progress bar never completes and stays up there going nuts. This happens more often if the editor pane is small–in your image, it’s pretty narrow, but you can get the same thing with a short horizontal split or just a small-sized window with a single editor. If you force the scroller all the way to the bottom or use the arrow keys in the editor to get down to the end of the text, it should go away. Also it usually will disappear if you start typing in the document.