Weird spacing and footnotes

I’ve imported my text documents from word. There are two issues I don’t know how to resolve. 1) I see footnotes when I am working on scrivener (they are attached footnotes), but when I compile the document, the footnotes become endnotes, placed at the end of each document. Is there a way of making them footnotes again, so they appear at the foot of each page?
2) Throughout the document there are random line-spacing that look bigger than the 2.0 that I intend. I thought it would disappear when I compile, but the difference is there too. This bigger line spacing occurs not only at the beginning of paragraphs, or at the end, but at random places. Any suggestions to fix this formatting?

Footnotes: Scrivener supports end-of-page footnotes for those particular file formats that support it. Not every format that Scrivener can export to has a concept of footnotes—and also in some case we just don’t have the sophistication to produce them when they must be done by hand, as in PDF. But for formats like RTF or DOC, if you open that in a word processor that supports footnotes they should appear as you expect. Something like HTML or RTFD on the other hand have no concept of footnotes (or indeed even pages in the case of HTML), and so naturally endnotes will be used.

Spacing: Have you tried checking the paragraph spacing for these locations, or indeed if there are additional carriage returns around these spots? You can turn on invisibles in the [b]Format/Options[/b] menu. If you are using compile settings that override the formatting (change the fonts and such), then that would lead me to believe they are actual carriage returns.

But I might not understand what you mean by “random”. Does that mean it changes from compile to compile? That sounds like a bug if so.