Weird spell check, and huge TOC size - help please.


I’ve just bought scrivener about two months ago, and I really like it. I have some problem I just couldn’t find any solution, however. I did try to look online, but after spending many hours, I gave up. Maybe someone here will be kind enough to help me out, if they know the solution.

Problem one: When I check grammar, scrivener highlights words that should be using capital letters… unfortunately I’m getting dozens of this, when it is not needed at all, like the middle of a word. Let’s say I wrote: “She looked up on…” and scrivener tells me I should capitalize the second “o” in the word “looked” because the first letter in a sentence should be capital. :frowning:

Second problem, which is a lot worse: Until today I had no problem with TOC, it worked fine. Today, without changing anything when I compiled the same book, my TOC grew double sized :frowning: or more. It looks bad, and I don’t find any options to change it.

Thank you for your time.

Glad to hear Scrivener is working well for you in most ways!

I’m afraid I don’t have any good news for you with the grammar check issue. This is, as with the spell check, just provided by the Mac operating system (you should see the same exact thing in TextEdit and Mail when switching that feature on, to mention a few). I do know you can right-click on grammar notes and tell the system to ignore that type of check, if it is consistently getting it wrong.

As for the ToC, I need more information to guess at the matter. What do you mean by “double sized” for instance? The font is twice as large as it should be? What format are you compiling to? Have you constructed the ToC yourself, or is it being generated by the compiler when using an e-book format?


Yes, the font is twice (or more) as large as it should be, it is quite ugly now. The TOC is being generated by the compiler when I using an e-book format. I wrote about ten chapters (~40K words) and I checked a few times how the end result would look like, since this is my first try with Scrivener. In the last month I compiled my manuscript to epub and mobi formats several times, and I was really happy, because it looked perfect on any device I tried (even Kindle previewer). Now, out of the blue, the toc became oversized. I also noticed that when I compile a mobi file now, every text I wrote in the “Front Matter” has lost their middle alignment as well. It keeps text alignment in epub, but before it was ok with mobi files too.


Thanks for the additional information. Okay, one possible thing that comes to mind is that you’ve excluded the bulk of your book and are just testing the front matter by itself? That could have some potentially unexpected results, based on how Scrivener detects what should be “body” text based on whatever formatting type occupies more than half of the book. Since font sizes in e-books are relative to the body font, you can get some weird results if you strip out all text that could be considered body text. That would also impact centre alignment, since if centre-aligned lines are the most common type of line in your current output settings, Scrivener will assume those are body text and remove alignment formatting (in compliance with e-book publishing guidelines).

So if that sounds like it might be the problem, just try adding a few chapters back into your compile Contents list.

It was something very similar indeed. I have created new chapters, but only the empty pages and moved the old ones to a folder. I needed to change a lot of things and I thought it would be better to start with “clean” pages, then just copy and paste what I have already to the right place. After reading your post, I put back just one chapter, and the TOC went back to normal. One interesting thing, however. I had to put back the actual file to its original place, if I only pasted the text into a new blank page, it didn’t work.

Thank you very much.