Weird story with "vanishing text" that was there[NOTED]


Right now I have experienced a very surprising behaviour of Scrivener.

I selected and copied the text of a 4 pages .pdf file, to use it in Scivener, where I pasted it.

While changing the styles of it, I saw that only about half of the four pages had been pasted, but, reaching the last few lines of the text available, the next paragraph appeared.

On the right side of the editor, it looked like the end of text file.
Beneath the text, there was a blank space bigger than usual, but no text visible, and no scrolling down available.
It was only my cursor, moved down on the keyboard, that could make the “vanishing text” reappear…

Lilith, just a thought.

Copy-pasting from PDFs is often a bit unusual, depending on the PDF itself, your reader, etc…

The reasons are that there are many versions of PDF, invisibly, and also the texts and/or pictures in them are often not internally in the format that appears on the reader screen.

As Scrivener (or the PDF reader) matures, it will probably handle this as well as any word processing program. What might help for the moment is to use an intermediate step to clean up the PDF copy.

What I mean is to copy from the PDF, then paste into a program like Wordpad or Word. Assure that things look as you want, then copy now from the intermediate program. Then paste into Scrivener.

As a side note to this, one thing that I’ve had trouble with a few times is copying and pasting text that turns out to have white color, thus be invisible, which is a possibility with PDF because it may be layered over a background or picture. You can then select such text pasted into a word processor, where you will then see it in the inverse color. At that point you change the color to the usual black, or what you would like, and now can see the text normally.

That last is probably not the situation here, but mentioned in case it could be.