Weird Synopsis bug?


Today I added new chapters to my project and sketched out some brief outlines for the new blank chapters using the “Synopsis” feature (on my desktop computer).

I have my Project files saved in Dropbox (which might be a mistake and I’m thinking of moving it to my local drive if so).
When I opened Scrivener on my laptop the synopsis cards all carry the same text from chapter two and the synopsis’s I added earlier appear to be gone.

I closed Scrivener on my Laptop and opened it back up on my PC and its the same (I imagine Dropbox is a large part of this problem?).

There is a zip file of my earlier work but when I unzip and try to open the .scriv file, Scrivener says it can’t load it because “it is incompatible with this version of Scrivener”.
As a side note, I updated to the latest hotfix prior to this issue.
Does anyone know how I can either open my last zipped file or fix the missing synopsis issue?


Sorry, I meant to add my OS is Windows XP, if this helps!