Weird tab stop issue

I’m currently writing a project in screenplay (final draft) mode.

The first four scenes are at the 1.27 mark according to the ruler. The following scenes have somehow been indented further to the right. The tab is at the 3.18 mark. I am unable to remove the tab stop or move text to 1.27 without screwing up the script formatting.

Has anyone got the default values relating to paragraph for the screenplay (final draft) template?

What is the most painless way of rectifying this issue? Ie. moving the text to the same positions as my first four scenes?

Thank you,


(I’m not on a Mac computer atm, so I can’t verify or double-check for you, but I can offer a few thoughts.)

The method that seems easiest to me is copying the ruler from the first scenes, then selecting all the text in the other scenes and pasting that ruler. (I don’t know if you can do that for more than one scene simultaneously or if you’d have to manually go into each scene, but I’d certainly try it in Edit Scrivenings…)

I think the command to copy the ruler is Command-Shift-C, but it might be Command-Option-C. Typing “copy ruler” into Help should pull up the dropdown menu for it.

If things still looked funky after trying that, I’d try undoing and adding a tab in the first scenes where it is in the odd ones, then copying and pasting that ruler.

Thanks for the tip. Will try it out. :slight_smile:

[b]ETA: I managed to fixed the problem. The first four scenes were written as Screenplay, not Screenplay (final draft) so I just had to reformat them and bingo!

Thanks again![/b]