Weird thingy popping up

Ok, I must have hit some keys or sequence of keys because when every I start a word with “b” a phrase from another section of the book pops up. How do I get rid of this?

Uncheck this :

And this is a very good (and free) tool to make your screenshots in the future :wink: :

thanks. I wonder what weird combination of keys I hit to enable that. I was having mouse problems and had to use the tab key to maneuver all over the place to fix it. Must have happened then.

thanks. total brain poof on my part. I use the Windows 10 screen capture normally

I don’t think there is any possible shortcut for that…
Unless you mean you had to use TAB to navigate the options panel.

Or unless you accidentally enabled scriptwriting mode on that document — which does have a key command!

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