weird title displayed

I’m trying to figure out why one of my files appears to have two titles.

Just above the toolbar, when I am in Chapter 4 in the editor, the title is being displayed like this: little icon that looks sort of like a ying-yang sign on a t.v*., 2, colon(which is not part of my title), title of my Chapter 2 and then a dash and then title of my Chapter 4. Why is it displaying the Ch. 2 title when I am in Ch. 4? It doesn’t happen with my other chapters so I’m wondering what’s going on.

The editor is displaying the title correctly.

*obviously I was not able to find the icons chart. was this ever posted?

thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Above the toolbar, so you mean the actual window title itself? For instance if you open an RTF file in TextEdit, the place where the RTF document icon would be beside the name of the file? If so that’s just the Scrivener project document icon beside your project file name. That’s part of the Mac window border. To the right of that there will be a hyphen and the name of the item that is currently displayed in the editor, that changes whenever you click on stuff. That should, in other words, match whatever title is displayed above the Editor itself (there are a few exceptions to that rule of thumb, but for single document selections that should prove true).

I think I figured out that my project file name somehow got changed to the title of my second chapter, so that the 2nd chapter title is coming up after the icon/before the hyphen on every chapter (which I obviously don’t want).

Would you mind telling me how to fix this? (newbie here - please, I beg of you, no acronyms, abbreviations, etc. )

There isn’t anything really special about the name of a project. You would rename it just like you would rename any file/folder on your hard disk. Just make sure to do so while it is closed.

Trying again…I need what is perhaps obvious to you spelled out…sorry.

I know that to change the title of a folder while I am in Scrivner, I double click on it and then just type.
To change the title of my project while I am in Scrivner, I, as you said, close ? and then do ?

appreciate your patience…

From within Scrivener, other than using “Save as”, you can’t change the name of the project. Nor can you do so in Microsoft Word or any other application, to the best of my knowledge. As Ioa says above, you must first close the project, and, having closed it, rename it in the folder that you keep it in, in the Finder. You do this by clicking on the name of the project in the Finder, then clicking on it again; the name will turn yellow with a blue box round it. Click in the blue box at the start of the old name and highlight the old name, and you can then type over the old name with the new name. Afterwards, open it with the new name using the “Open” dialogue in the File menu.

Hope this helps, Nancy.

Very helpful, thank you Hugh.