weirdly, color is "stuck"

Made the mistake of trying to color red the text of a Binder item title, and though I changed it back, Scrivener now insists on typing everything new in any file in that color no matter how many times I set it back to default black. Does it in every text file. I have: changed it back on the format bar, changed it back from the color picker palette, changed it back with all binder files highlighted, changed it back with a single file name selected, quit and restarted Scrivener, quit and restarted computer. So I don’t know what else to do: it would appear that these files will now accept typed text only in that red. I’ve never seen it before anywhere.


update: well, as i needed to work on the files, i imported this accursed project into a new scrivener project and the stuck color was no longer stuck. old file trashed and gone. a weird weird interlude.

Just a thought… You didn’t accidentally turn Revision Mode (Format > Revision Mode) on did you? That changes the font colour of new typing in any document until you change it back (or choose another revision colour), and the first option (First Revision) is red by default.

Brilliant, brookter. Yes, that’s it. It’s the first time I’ve noticed that it’s possible to lock yourself in to red ink for a revision process. Ha. Did that one on purpose.

Lesson learned.

Glad you found the answer!