Weirdness with Capital I in a 2-letter word

I love the auto-capitalization of the word “I” but I’ve noticed a weird thing. When the first word of a new paragraph is a two-letter word that ends in “i”, Scrivener also capitalizes it there. So my main character, “Di”, becomes “DI” and there’s no way to fix it. If I backspace, the small “i” comes back but as soon as I hit space again it reverts to the capital. This is really annoying. Even MS Word doesn’t do this. How can we fix it so that two-letter words can end in “i” without reverting to capitals? This has affected two characters’ names and also if I use the Italian “si” as the first word of a sentence. Help!

To head off the suggestion I’m sure someone will make–no, I don’t want to turn off the auto-capitalization because I DO need it during the writing process. It’s just this one quirk I’d like to address.

Thank you!

When I try this, I find that Scrivener does indeed turn Di to DI – but only if I’ve manually capitalized the D myself. If I type di, Scrivener produces Di. Are you perhaps unconsciously doing manual capitalization?

Of course, I agree that this shouldn’t happen even if one has manually written Di!

I don’t have anything to add about this particular problem, but I found another annoying auto-capitalization problem and didn’t think it warranted a new thread. When I type the word “internet”, Scrivener capitalizes the whole thing. Not just the first letter, but the entire word. This happens regardless of where in a paragraph I type the word. It only happens if I don’t capitalize the “i” at the beginning. If I do capitalize, I can go back after typing the word and change the capital I to a lowercase.

It seems that on the Mac version, where automatic capitalisation kicks in unwantedly (not a problem that has hit me … yet!), the solution is not to backspace removing the space character at the offending point only to replace it again, but to use “Undo”, i.e. Cmd-Z (Ctrl-Z on Windows?), as that reverses the last process, i.e. the capitalisation but leaves the space in place, if I understood a post by Keith from some time ago.

Does this not work with Windows?


The bug with the capitalised i in a two letter word at the beginning of a paragraph is already on the bug list. There are a couple scenarios where it can either be capitalised where it shouldn’t be or not capitalised where it ought to be, depending on the correction settings and whether you manually capitalise the initial letter or not. As Mark said, using Undo (Ctrl+Z) will undo the change.

Regarding the auto-capitalisation of “internet”, you can fix this by simply undoing after the change so you get your preferred capitalisation, then right-clicking the word and choosing “Learn Spelling”.

But why is this the default spelling? Who out there when writing anything needs the word “internet” to be completely capitalized?

Apparently whoever compiled that dictionary for Aspell. :slight_smile: