Welcome aboard, Jennifer!

Just because. We can’t have the riffraff accessing all and sundry and getting above themselves, now, can we? (Enough commas for ya?)

Actually the quotes have been b***ered on the Announcements section for ages, and I’ve no idea why - you can turn them on manually in the “Options” area when you post, but I don’t know why the option isn’t turned on automatically for non-admin users.

I take credit for that - a temporary thread title change especially for you. And according to my Collins Dictionary it seems fairly precise*:

So there.

What’s that stuff that Sherlock never has?


  • “fairly precise” - that’s especially for you too.

Mr Bywater wrote:
“And how come everyone else’s quotes are bggered but yours aren’t, Kevin?”
The answer to your question, Mr B. is, to quote his Lordship Vic-k, “Because the moderators are too friggin lazy or incompetent, to do anything about it!”

Mr B. then wrote: “It’s not PRECISELY ‘pedantry’, is it?” Probably not Mr B…probably not.
He then asked: “Can we try to use the word accurately here?” We’ll see what we can do, MR B.

As Mr Winner would say, Mr B. “Calm down dear!”
Take care