Welcome back, go well

Just a quick note to welcome the newly married Keith back before he leaves again to move house. I hope the wedding was a wonderful celebration and a great way to celebrate your marriage.
Good luck with the move.

Thanks nom, much appreciated! (I’ve today gone through every forum post that has been updated or created since I’ve been away and made notes, so even if I don’t reply to them all, I have read them all and they have been taken into consideration.) Now for a fun weekend of packing everything up ready for the movers on Monday…

Have a great weekend all!

All the best,

Great to see you back Keith, and good luck with the move, Keith. Hope the sun shone on your wedding and on your honeymoon.


My sentiments exactly.

Jeezz!!! It looks like we older, more mature married men are gonna have to keep you on the straight and narrow. You’ve just got y’self a wife…an’ y’ve already got the kids. THEY, do the packing! :open_mouth: You do the supervising! OK? Gorrit?