Welcome, thank you and please bear with us :)

Hi all,

Many, many thanks to all our new Windows beta-testers who are trying out the first Scrivener beta and letting us know about the numerous bugs, glitches and omissions that are in this early version. We really appreciate it. In case you missed my post on the Bug Hunt forum, I just wanted to ask that you bear with us as we go through the enormous number of bugs and reports that have been submitted - we really didn’t expect such a great response! We’re a very small team and there are only two people on the Windows side at the moment, Lee and the developer who works with him, so they are working through everything as fast as they can. Ioa and I are trying to pop by and answer what we can, but we are also working on getting the Mac 2.0 released for Monday. So - it’s rather hectic!

Mainly, I just wanted to say that if you’ve posted and haven’t been answered yet, we’re sorry for keeping you waiting and will be checking every single post - it just might take more time than usual until the poor Windows devs get on top of everything.

Also, I wanted to welcome the Windows users to the forums. It’s fantastic to see so many new users, and your feedback, whether positive, negative or just cautiously optimistic, is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for testing Scrivener, and for your patience while we try to go through everything over the next few weeks.

All the best,

With such a small team, it is actually great to be able to be part of the bug-testing and exploration of the program. I’m actually having fun deliberately breaking a program (:D). Not everyday you get to do it WHILE enjoying yourself with the program.

I can’t express how much applause I have for you people for pushing out such an excellent program. I’ve seen small development teams work on programs and applications, and I do agree that it isn’t easy.