"Welcome to" dialogue back

Scrivener Gold had an opening “Welcome to” dialogue with buttons for starting new projects and opening existing ones that I’d like to have back. I assume it’s not there because people find these things annoying. I find them very annoying in Adobe apps, but I found it very handy in Scrivener. Perhaps the user could turn it off and on in preferences if they don’t want it.

The “Reopen recent projects . . .” only works on those projects you had open when you closed the program. I’d like to be able to pick and choose between things I’m working on or starting a new project.


The panel was also a big rip-off of the Ulysses one, to the extent that I was always a little embarrassed about it. :slight_smile: The File menu is where you will find these things, as in most apps - open, recent and suchlike. I’m afraid I have no plans for bringing that panel back any time soon, though such a panel may be useful for new users when no project is open…