Welcome to the Windows Member of the L&L Team

Hi All,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lee Powell and I am responsible for creating the Windows version of Scrivener. The first time I downloaded Scrivener on my Mac it was love at first sight. I knew Scrivener and I were going to get along just fine. She’s been my perfect writing companion for many years now.

I’m very excited about introducing Scrivener for Windows. As a user of both Windows and Mac platforms, I have certainly wanted this flexibility for quite some time. I’m also thrilled to become part of the wider Scrivener community. I’m amazed and stunned by the levels of goodwill, enthusiam, collaboration and passion folks have. To be honest, I’m both petrified and thrilled to becoming part of the wonderful community.

There’s still much to do so please go easy on me if I’m not as responsive initially on these forums up until the launch of the beta on the 25th October 2010. I’ll do my best.

As a man of fewer words than Keith, I’ll sign-off now and get back to baking the Windows Scrivener cake.

I just wanted to add a big welcome to Lee, who has done an amazing job on the Windows version. We can’t wait for people to start using it. (Oh, and I should add that it was I who added the title to this thread - Lee wasn’t welcoming himself, we’re not that mean!)

Hello, Lee! You’re a brave chap, entering the lawless wilds of the L&L forum. :slight_smile:

Well done with the Windows development. I won’t be able to try out your work myself, but I will certainly recommend it to my Windows-using friends and relations.

I too will be recommending it to friends and colleagues who I have not managed to convince to move over to the Mac.

And a big welcome to you, Lee. Just don’t mind Fluff and any other of the vic-k menagerie who appear from time to time; they help with the task of providing forumites with the means of procrastinating when required, and occasionally add something of utility.

Mark, a.k.a Mr X by Jaysen!

Great stuff you guys!

I teach courses on scientific writing and in “The Zen of…” sub-forum I recently wrote the following:

“The resulting reduction in cognitive burden is staggering - merely pointing my students in Scrivener’s direction will probably help them more as writers than everything else I do combined!”

That imagined benefit was up until now rather too imaginary-- but not anymore.

My only concern is that three of the main bits of software I will be be promoting in my courses, Rationale, Moodle, and now Scriv for W, all emanate from Oz and as an Aussie in India, Im worried I might seem a bit parochial :slight_smile:

Welcome Lee - your work is much appreciated and quite exciting!

Congrats and thanks Lee!!

I’ve only been using Scrivener for just under a year but you do not want to know what I have gone through whenever I’ve been away from my Mac and Scrivener, with only a Windows based PC to get any work done on…

in fact… why did you not do this sooner, dammit??? :laughing:

Hi, and thanks for the Windows version!

As a Windows user I’ve been relegated to use Liquid Story Binder, and let me tell you I’ll be most pleased to uninstall it and use Scrivener instead. While LSB is a very good program in its own right, the times I have access to a Mac my productivity increases considerably.

Hmm, Light Side… Dark Side… bringing balance to the equation. Kind of reminds me of a logo I once saw.

Black and tan anyone?


Good grief! Do they drink Harp in Portland? … And there I’ve been for the last few years of following this forum that Oregon or Portland would be the one place in the US that I might be really comfortable in, with shared tastes … Please don’t shatter my illusions!


Don’t worry, that screenshot was imported from Detroit or something. We don’t drink bottled Guinness, either! Plastic Rocket Foam Enhancing Device or no!

[size=9]Obviously, I speak for everyone.[/size]

I too would like to welcome Lee and extend a big thanks for your work.
I can’t even begin to imagine how you’ve done it.

Thanks and take care,


I on the other hand thinks it looks quite yummy.

Not as bad as J.V.Jones mix of Ouzo-Sake

Take care,

Mr Lee
As is invariably the case, these days, I find myself in the unenviable position of dragging an offtopicked, topic, by the scruff of the neck, back on topic. The moderators really are nothing more than a bunch of useless, feckless human, ‘airheads’!

Welcome aboard, The Good Ship Scrivener, Mr Lee. I trust you`ve taken all the necessary precautions, e.g., vaccinations, inoculations, injections, etc. to guard against infection/contamination, from/by the other…er…for want of a more apposite expression…moderators. :frowning:

Brace yourself, for the multifarious, mind-numbingly asinine questions from Scriv/Mac users, and their accusations of, copping out, when you point out that you`re the Scriv/Win. guy. Also, any disclaimer, apropos: divinity; infallibility; invincibility etc., will have as much impact upon the baying mob of users, and their unutterably, impossible/impractical demands, as did that hapless snowflake in Hell.

But as they say, Mr Lee, ‘As we make our beds, in them so shall we lie’.

The above not withstanding, a very warm welcome aboard the old tub. :wink: :smiley:
Take care

Given the lack of significant vic-k activity I think the decks are fairly safe these days. No?

:open_mouth: :confused: :question: :imp:

On Topic:

Welcome, sir! I have several friends who will be hearing all about Scrivener for Windows, and at least some will mysteriously get licenses for their birthdays, after it comes out…