Well, I am, actually...

Though I don’t consider myself a Writer (note the capital letter). Having published a dozen computer books, and hundreds of articles, I guess I’m a writer, since I live from my craft. However, I’m currently hoping to make the move into Writerness…

I just heard about Scrivener, from a comment to a post on my web site, and am very excited about its features. I’m just hoping the final release will be soon so I can start transferring my stuff from a Ulysses project to it soon and get writing!


I am pretty much an ex-Ulysses user, too. I’ll probably keep it around for some tasks, and for the things where it would not be worth the effort to transfer them to Scrivener – old projects and the like. Anyway, nice article on Ulysses. It is an often misunderstood application, which is a shame.

I’ve had a few people call me a writer . . .
but I’m not sure if my parents count.

Anyway, since it seems to be ok to plug our own work in this section,
here is the link to my website where you can sign up for my free online
newsletter (and receive a free e-book in the process) or purchase one
of the books I have written.


I’m proud to say that all the books available on the website were
written using Scrivener! And now that version 1.0 is available, I’ll buy it!