Well looka 'ere!! Montree's 19 t'day

[size=150]HAPPY[/size] [size=150]BIRTHDAY,[/size] [size=150]SWEET[/size] [size=150]PEA[/size]

[size=150]HOPE IT’S A GUDD’N :wink:


Well, if grandpa vic can give a you cake, uncle nom can give you candles…

[size=85]…be with you in a minute…[/size]

<sound of pots crashing, a cat yowling, an odd sound that one hopes was a balloon deflating, and a weird popping sound that is reminiscent of the Fire Swamp from The Princess Bride (and no, you really don’t want to know what it actually is, but the flames do help>

There: [size=200] iii[/size]


Yes, happy birthday, Montrée! Hope it’s a good’un!

My condolences on the congratulations from … those who came before me…

I once told the wife “Just like a fine wine, you get petter with age.” When I woke up she informed me “I am not to be compared to anything that is made from raisins” (just go with it here) “and you need a new pan, this one is dented.”

So I will say, “my your eye see the world with a rose colored tint as you look at the past, and may your hopes for the future be proven true on the day you celebrate receiving your very first eviction notice.”

[size=75]I know mr K, it hurts. but if you think hard, you will see it is hilarious[/size]