Western Digital My Cloud

First, allow me to thank you for your hard work in producing a product that makes a writers life less arduous. Again congratulations.

Forgive my ignorance regarding this business of syncing and I appreciate lunks response stating the only two options are Dropbox and Itunes but I still cant see why you can’t simply backup the entire .scriv folder and any related files using WD My Cloud. As of right now I am trying to decide between Scrivener and Ulysses, which seems to offer other sync alternatives. No one needs to extol the virtues of Scrivener; you would be preaching to the choir and I would prefer Scrivener.

So, can someone please tell me if I can use WD My Cloud to transfer files between devices.

You can transfer files, but iOS Scrivener can’t open Scrivener projects if they are not located in a Dropbox folder. So you could transfer a lot of files to your MyCloud, and you could then import them into the iOS Scrivener app, but they would no longer be your Scrivener project.

If you do a backup to MyCloud you can later unzip the backup on your desktop and open it as a Scrivener project again, on your desktop. But not on your iDevice.

So the answer is ‘yes, you can transfer files, but not a complete Scrivener project’. You need to understand that the iOS app doesn’t transfer or sync or anything like that. It just reads the normal Scrivener project, in the same way that the desktop app does. The difference is that the iOS app can only read/open projects from a Dropbox folder. Not from any other folders anywhere.

Thanks lunk…you are the best