Western Digital MyCloud Home (New)

Before anybody gets snitty about the subject, I have searched topics for this one, and nothing’s been relevant to my query. I’ve just got a WD MyCloud Home as storage for my home network. I’ve copied my project files across to the drive, to use those as the master files and to back up from them rather than to them. Unfortunately the MCH doesn’t handle Scrivener files at all well, with Scrivener reporting: One or more of the /Files, /Files/Data or /Settings folders could not be found inside the project package. Try restoring from a backup, or create a new project and use File > Import > Scrivener Project to retrieve work from this project (structure information will be lost).

Is there a workaround for this that doesn’t involve zipping files or other messing around? All I want to do is hold my project files on the NAS so I can work on them using other devices/ platforms on my home network.

Perhaps allow the project’s files to be shared/accessible across your network from your main/“central” computer. (?)
Dropbox is what most people otherwise use for sync.

There should be no fundamental issues with standard file sharing being used to edit projects over the local area network. I do that kind of thing now and then, though with a simpler peer connection between Mac/PC rather than having an intermediate dedicated server. I just turn file sharing on, map the network share local, open the project and edit.

That said, the product page for this device is somewhat vague about what it is, technologically speaking. I’m a bit confused by their use of the word “cloud” to describe one single device plugged into your local network, but I guess it’s safe to say this word has become so diluted it barely means anything any more.

What I’m trying to get at is though, if this is a NAS, where you access the files stored on it directly from your computer like you would any other files (albeit a bit more slowly), then I’m not sure why there would be a problem like you are describing.

The issue you are describing is more commonly seen with people not realising that a Scrivener project is a folder with a bunch of files in it, and only copying “something.scrivx” from their online backup or whatever, to their local device, and trying to open it. That’s the exact error you would get, when trying to load a binder XML file all by itself without any of the project data.

It’s hard to suggest troubleshooting steps without knowing more of how this interfaces with your computer. But if it is working like a normal NAS, then navigating to it via your file manager and examining the Scrivener project is the first thing I’d do. On a Mac you’ll need to right-click on it and “Show Package Contents”. If you don’t see that in the contextual menu, well, something is already very wrong. If you can, then you should be seeing these folders the error message made reference to. That’s the first sanity check anyway—any further advice would depend on the results of it.