What about integrated graphics-DTP sofware in Cocoa

I mentioned in the RSG! thread that now I have moved to OS X, I do all my DTP with Canvas, which the amazingly myopic ACDSystems has just stopped developing in the Mac version. But it is such a great program – everything integrated for input, raster, vector, type, all edited on the page. Single or multiple pages, master pages, presentations, books, magazines, brochures, animated gifs, websites.

I do web sites (one of my own, marketnow.com.au , for example), books (see the “Success in Store” link on that site), ads, flyers, brochures, etc. (many examples on the site) all with Canvas, doing every task on the same page (except writing; well, most of the writing).

Now – what amazes me is that with OS X offering great text handling and vector and image graphics capabilities built in, we are getting a plethora of graphics programs which mimic the old boundaries – vector programs, image programs, word processors, etc.

As both a marketer and since the beginning of time Mac user and DTPer, I cannot understand why nobody is taking all these great tools and weaving them together into an all-purpose program with an integrated interface that replaces Canvas in the booming Mac market. The world is FULL of image editors and vector editors, and WPs and whatnot. Back in the day they needed to be separate – there simply wasn’t enough RAM or computing power to run a totally integrated software solution.

But now we have computer power coming out of our ears – we having zooming menus for goodness sake (I can’t bear them) but we have people STILL producing pocket size, single purpose graphic programs.

Where, oh where is tomorrow’s Canvas? Well, I’ll tell you where – if some smart Mac developer doesn’t jump in quickly, the niche (niche? Vast canyon) will be owned by Quark. Look at their latest offering of Xpress (and they sound almost customer friendly too). Adobe continues to run separate programs because that’s great marketing – they can ask so many more dollars for four programs rolled into a suite than for one program that does it all – but even they are edging towards integration.

Where are you bright young Mac program makers? We need you!