What about Templates?

I just found an interesting thread about Templates but need a little clarification. Does Scrivener have Templates but call them ‘Script writing’, or ‘Scripts’?

Did you install the Extras when you first downloaded Scrivener? You should be getting a selection of templates when you attempt to make a new project. It’s all part of the wizard.

I tried to open a new project and below the box for naming it, it said, “Import Templates…”. So I clicked on that and it just called up my Document folder in which I saw no templates for Scrivener. I went to the Scrivener part of Literature & Latte and couldn’t find the download. Where would that be?

Amber’s question is also a sort of gentle instruction.
Did you install the Extras? means
If you didn’t, then install the Extras.
Then all shall be revealed about Templates.

(You may have to download Scrivener and reinstall)

My answer was sort of a gentle one. At least I thought so. I must have hit a nerve. I won’t ask where those templates are again, I promise.

Sorry, a very long day.
Look in your Home: Library: Application Support: Scrivener folder
You should see folders marked ExportSettings, ProjectTemplates, ScriptFormats
Those are the Extras.
When you install Scrivener, you’re asked Install Extras?
If you clicked yes, they should be there.
In Scrivener, you may choose them when you create a new Project.
If the folders are not there, you may need to reinstall Scrivener.

Man, I am so going to use this line next time I am on tech help. Thank you, elf lord.


I posted a thank-you to druid last night and today it’s gone. Ah well, it worked and I’ve got the extras now. You are forgiven for having a long day. :smiley:

It’s right up there with, “Have you rebooted your computer yet?”