What am I missing?

I’ve been cleaning up the URL links in my documents by placing them in bookmarks … something I should have been doing all along, but better late than never.

There are a number of bookmarks that I wanted to move and/or copy to other chapters, but for the life of me I don’t see a way to move or copy bookmarks from one chapter to another.

What am I missing?


You can select the bookmark in the inspector of one document, cmd-c to copy (or cmd-x), then switch to another document, click in the Document Bookmarks panel and cmd-v to paste it in.

If you’re going to be doing it for several links from one document, it may be easier to open that document in a Quick Reference panel, then click on the dropdown box (it usually says ‘Editor Only’, I think) and choose Bookmarks. You can then keep that QR panel open and just drag the link to each of the ‘target’ documents in turn.

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Hi brookter,

Thank you for your answers, both of which worked perfectly.

I am so embarrassed that I did not simply try to use cmd-c to copy and cmd-v to paste … I assumed that since my bookmark Titles and URLs differed for each bookmark that the two obvious cmd-c and cmd-v commands would not work.

Silly me … I should have known that Scrivener had that all worked out already. I did not see anything in the Scrivener manual to indicate the cmd’s would work that way, so I assumed they would not.

My apologies for my lack of proactive behavior… and thank you for responding to my question that I should have discovered myself and avoided cluttering up the L&L Topics board.

My behavior aside, the Quick Reference ‘Editor Only’ option is a feature I did NOT know about (and likely would not have found). I’m sure I will use the QR as a way to copy multiple bookmarks all at once. Very nice indeed!

Thank you again,

You’re very welcome! There’s so much in the program that no-one can know everything about it — I’ve been using it for years and there’s still areas I know little about. The QR panel is very versatile, so it’s worth a look at what it can do — it more or less gives you access to unlimited editing windows and (most) inspectors. Very powerful.