What am I not understanding about Compile?

I’m new to using the Compile function. When I Compile a folder with multiple files only one or a few are chosen. It’s a folder with about 10 files.

Thanks for any guidance.

Compile has multiple ways of including or excluding various documents. Check my images (and explore Compile) to see them.

  1. Nothing compiles unless it’s in the Draft/Manuscript folder.

  2. In the Contents pane of Compile, each document has an “include in Compile” checkbox. The same checkbox appears in the Inspector (look for it).


  1. In the same pane, at “Compile:” is a dropdown where you can set the “compile group” you want to treat as if it’s the root of your Binder, to compile only documents in that branch of the Draft/Manuscript folder.

  2. Next to that is a “funnel” icon. Click on it to set a filter to include only the documents in a Collection, the selected documents, those with a given Status, or those with a specific Label.


  1. Also notice Front Matter & Back Matter settings in the first image.

Thank you so much, @drmajorbob! Your response was so kind, detailed, and helpful. I discovered the settings in the funnel thingie were what I needed to change.