What are the "bordered" section types?

I’m compiling an epub, and when I look at the different section types, some of them have “(bordered)” behind their name, e.g. “Section with Title (Bordered)”:

When I choose a “bordered” section type and compile an epub, nothing appears to be bordered in the ebook when I read it.

So what does the “bordered” mean? And where and how do I change whatever it is, if I want to create my own section type with or without this?

Do you mean “Section Types” (as in the Project Settings) or the “Section Layouts” in the Compile Format Designer?

If the latter, are those bold indicating that you assigned them to a section type? That’s usually a precondition for them being really applied to anything.

A used section layout like “Section with title (bordered)” should then show up in your EPUB as a class “section-with-title-bordered” in stylesheet.css and the .xhtml which holds text of a section type assigned to that section layout. (At least if you don’t assign your own CSS class name to the section layout.)

You can look upfront at the generated CSS in the CSS tab of an EPUB format, where you can also decide whether you want to add custom CSS and append it to Scrivener’s CSS or just use custom CSS at all.

You can look at the details of your EPUB with Sigil or Calibre (or an text editor, if you rename the
.epub file to .zip).

I added an image to my question.

There is a .bordered-title{ } fomat in the CSS, but that format is not applied to anything in the XHTML files, although the sections are of a bordered section type in the compile settings.

So, what does that section type mean (as opposed to an unbordered section type) if it doesn’t do anything discernible?

Does your Compile Format and the “Section with Title (Bordered)” looks like this (only with the section name shown in bold at your end - if not so something’s not right):

If you look at the “Settings” tab you can see that the CSS class for both “Section with Title” and “Section with Title (Bordered)” are the same. Maybe a “bug”, I don’t know. But what you can do:

Change the class “titled-section” in your CSS (using the entry in the left column of the window) to have borders. Or change the class name of “Section with Title (Bordered)” to “titled-section-bordered” and add that class to your CSS as copy of “titled-section” and change it to have borders.

Hope that’s right, I’m talking from memory here …

Thank you, Jens-Olaf. Yes, my Compile Format Designer looks like that. And I know how to edit the epub document. I don’t need help achieving a certain goal. My question is what the differences between the bordered and unbordered styles are, if (apparently) they don’t do anything differently. I don’t seek help, but understanding.