What Are The Potential Problems I Can Expect Using Scrivener 3 with Windows 11?

What Are The Potential Problems I Can Expect Using Scrivener 3 with Windows 11?

I am having to move to Windows 11 (from Windows 10), and am mindful of having read over the Last few months that Scrivener has not adapted well for use with Win 11.

I would like to hear from people about the problems they have experienced with Scrivener and Win 11, and any solutions they have found to those problems.

Thanks for any replies.

None with windows 11 pro for 1 year have 48 mb of ram though.

Thanks for your reply, GoalieDad.

It is good to know that you have not experienced any problems.

Obviously, though, people have; hence, me asking.

Sometimes the computer slows after running continously for a while and all programs slow and rebooting helps. What kind of problems have you heard about and are they with 11 pro or regular versions? Some of issues are caused by antivirus software as well.

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A very late reply, but I thought that others who come upon this thread and who are wondering about using Scrivener with Windows 11 might like to know that I have been running Scrivener on Windows 11 without a problem for about 5 months.


I’m getting ready to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 and just curious if anyone ran into issue or had reinstall Scrivener at all after their updates.

Have you searched this forum?

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As noted above, in the original discussion thread for this, so far nobody has updated this thread with any issues. But I would search for "windows 11" in the main toolbar, as some people make separate posts about specific problems they encountered.

The main one I recall was an issue with font scaling and multiple high-res monitors, specifically with regards to composition mode, but we could never reproduce this problem in-house, so there may have been other ingredients involved.

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Thank you both. I appreciate it.

One small issue in using Scrivener is that the ‘Reveal in Binder’ shortcut key combination [Win + r] does not work in Win 11 because, in Win 11, the Win+r brings up a Windows ‘Run’ box, which invites one to type the name of a program, folder or file into a box.

When you do that and press ‘Enter’, the Run box will open the program, folder or file.

I think I looked around Scrivener for another shortcut combination to assign to the ‘Reveal in Binder’ function/feature, but could not find one that was suitable, given some other customisations that I have made to Scrivener.

Not a huge problem for me, especially because you can go the ‘longer’ route by going to Navigate - Reveal in Binder, but I would like this to work because I use the feature fairly often.