What are the tags/variables that I can use for page settings

I tried to find a list of variables that can be used in Compile : Page settings and I was surprised to discover that they are not documented, missing from the manual.

So far I know only $p $draftname $pagecount

Where I can find a list of them? For example I would like to use the chapter or document name.

Be surprised no longer:

Help > Placeholder Tags List…



On my system the help-search does return nothing for these keyword like tag variable (works for some other words). I don’t know if this does reproduce on other systems.

PS. Still this is not an excuse for me not reading all the items form the Help menu :wink:

The search tool is mainly for finding menu items. If one of the placeholder tags has a menu item (there are some in Edit/Insert/) then they’ll pop up in the search so long as you search for a provided example of it (like ‘III’), but otherwise that tool is quite unaware of the various help PDF and HTML files that are attached to this menu or elsewhere in the interface.

Actually, now that I try it, that does seem to be a bizarre bug in OS X - the Help search field doesn’t seem to return anything at all in the Help menu. Try searching for “User Manual”, for instance. Or, in Safari, try searching for “acknowledgments”. What a strange limitation - that must surely be an OS X bug.

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