What are these lines?

I’m having some strangeness with spacing between my scenes, and between my title page and the first scene.

I’ll attach two screenshots, one showing what it looks like between the title page and page one of my screenplay, the other showing similar lines separating scenes, which seems to result in extra separation lines between scenes (I have it set for two lines, but when I see these lines on the page the spacing comes out as three. And I can’t remove the lines. I have no control over them at all.)http://literatureandlatte.com/forum/download/file.php?id=4333

Also, the screenplay is counting the title page as page one, so that the actual text’s first page is numbered as page three. There is extra space that I can delete at the bottom of my title page, spilling onto a new page; but when I delete those spaces, the screenplay text begins halfway down the title page.

Many thanks.

That line is a scrivenings divider. You are in Scrivenings mode, which is to say that you are looking at multiple text documents merged into one for viewing and editing. The dividing lines show you where one line ends and another begins. you can change the divider for something less intrusive and taking up less space by ticking “Separate scrivenings with single line breaks” in the “Formatting” pane of the Preferences. Please see Part 2 of the interactive tutorial for more information on view modes and scrivenings.

I’m not quite sure I follow the page problems - are you in page view mode, and have you ticked “Page break before” on the page after the title page? When you view the text in Scrivener, the title page will be counted as page 1 since Scrivener’s interface just counts the pages as it finds them and does not know that the first one is a title page, but when you Compile you control how the counting works.

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So sorry not to reply sooner; I didn’t see that a response had been posted. Thank you very much for this explanation!